Wide range of coating qualities to adapt to the customer’s specific requirements:

Suitable formulas to endure/resist chemical attack, abrasion, temperature, etc.


  • Mirror finish
  • Crowned
  • Grooved

LIKALE rollers are used in paper manufacturing plants and the general paper transformation industry (e. g. paper bags, paper money, siliconized paper, cardboard, packaging, non-woven, etc.)

LIKALE is recognized and officially approved as a supplier of high reliability rollers due to his quality products and service. WORLD CLASS COATED ROLLS

Supplied Roller types:

  • Thermoplanisher rollers
  • Calender rollers
  • Pleating rollers
  • Tamping rollers
  • Traction rollers
  • Step rollers
  • Guide rollers
  • Glazing rollers
  • Pope spindles
  • Waxing rollers
  • Gluing rollers
  • Cutting rollers
  • Embossing rollers (e. g. toilet paper and paper towels)
  • Silicon applicator rollers
  • Others
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