LIKALE Caucho Industrial (Industrial Rubber) was established in Irun in 1977, by José Luís GOJENOLA, with the aim to manufacture rubber-coated rollers, anti-corrosive coatings in ebonite and components by compression molding.

LIKALE is part of the Likale Cauchopren Group and it is a leading company in the ELASTOMER COATINGS sector; it has developed a reputation throughout more than four decades of experience based on their cutting-edge specialization.

Experts in all types of ROLLER coatings, Likale has the required technology and know-how to create the most suitable compounds based on Natural or Synthetic rubbers, solving the customer needs.

Likewise, the means of production and highly qualified personnel in the company provides an effective response to the multiple types of surface finishes and a wide dimensional range of rollers.

LIKALE also applies its technology to an extensive variety of parts, highlighting the valves which require special protection provided by rubber, both externally and internally, against corrosion, abrasive agents, greases, oils, gases, etc.


LIKALE’s mission is to offer the best roller coating services in the market.

For this purpose, Likale works hand-in-hand with their customers until the delivery of the work assignment and to their full satisfaction.

Customer - oriented service

LIKALE considers all the requirements demanded by the customer as a personal and professional commitment, investing its entire capacity and expertise to achieve the most suitable solution; as evidenced by all the projects, developments and products that it has applied throughout its professional career.